In between two worlds

I am trying to recall whether there was any point in my life when I wanted to become something other than a pianist when I was growing up, but if I remember well no such thought ever crossed my mind.

I consider myself lucky to have concluded all my music studies in Hungary, as this gave me an opportunity to dip into the “pure sources”. I was given the chance to appreciate the incomparable wealth and unparalleled beauty of Hungarian musical culture. In 1989, after receiving my degree from the Liszt Academy of Music, armed with this professional and spiritual ammunition I set out to “conquer” the world and I went on to perform with success in the concert halls of Europe and the United States.

After my career in classical music was cut painfully short by an unexpected illness in 1997, I pursued business studies in the United States at, among other institutions, the prestigious UCLA in California. I later graduated with an MBA from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences. As I would have been unable to sever my ties with classical music I did not hesitate for a second when I saw that the Budapest Festival Orchestra was looking for someone to take on the responsibilities of sponsorship management, marketing and PR.

In 2006 time finally came to make my dreams come true, namely to take young, budding classically-trained artists under my wings and guide them along their paths as an impresario. I felt that the cultural open-mindedness and diversity I have encountered over the course of my travels and which I then forged with the strong Hungarian foundations could be best put to use this way. In addition, I also believe that my clients benefit greatly from the fact that as a musician I can understand and relate to their thoughts and problems, but at the same time I feel equally at ease in the world of business and finance.

I started this journey in 2007 setting in front of me the aim of serving young upcoming artists. At present times, in 2012, I still hold to my original idea, and though this focus is not going to go away, I am confident that it is now time to broaden my perspective and cater for more mature artists, well established in their respective field of profession.

A star is born

That is exactly what we hope to accomplish. We want to bring a radiant star with a high trajectory into this world. People often say that Hungary is abundant with talent. However, what these people usually neglect to mention is that without the necessary professional background and support these talents tend to wither away.

The management was founded with the purpose of aiding young and talented musicians in starting their journeys on the road to fame and recognition. We believe that our work carries great responsibility as the material we work with is particularly fragile. We work with artistic souls blessed with talent, who feel most at home in the world of concert halls. Our task is to allow them to be able to concentrate on this world with all their being and thus become the artists they are destined to be. Our goal is not to create fleeting comets, but to help the birth of new stars that will light up the evening sky for time eternal. It is our firm belief that in the world of classical music, talent is nothing more than the foundation that can only be nurtured into success with humility, commitment and complete devotion.

As the first and currently the only agency in Hungary that is involved in the professional management and promotion of up-and-coming, young concert artists, our tasks, among others, include the long-term planning of the professional careers of the young artists represented by Biro Music Management; ensuring their professional development as well as paying particular attention to the healthy balance between personality development and artistic success. We guarantee continuous media coverage for our artists and naturally we also provide help in preparing the necessary background material. We organize performances and appearances for our clients using our extensive domestic and international contact network, where we also provide the necessary legal support and representation. Beyond the above we continuously seek out financial backers and sponsors for our clients and also regularly participate in domestic and international tenders.